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Interactive Inline XBRL Viewer

Inline XBRL transforms the reporting requirement by merging the XBRL data with its respective HTML file into one single report. Not only does this decrease the risk of errors in reporting and increase efficiency of a company’s existing reporting process, but it also provides the opportunity to bring the data alive!

Imagine that you can now analyze data and read the contextual discussion of that data in the same document.

Where Do the Non-GAAP Numbers Come From?

In the era of Big Data, Big Analyses, Big Consumption and now, the Big Drill, researching company financial data has never been more important.

Corporations can benefit from platform that provide data for both GAAP and non-GAAP measures, allowing measures to be easily combined to better tell a company’s complete financial story. You should be able to compare GAAP and non-GAAP EBITDA and make annotations for company-specific adjustments for better transparency and analysis.

Researching SEC Comment Letters

Being able to research SEC comment letters can provide valuable insights into trends worth investigating, and potential pitfalls to avoid or simply be aware of when preparing financial reports.

The idaciti platform can be used to quickly, efficiently, and succinctly researches specific topics for you amongst SEC Comment Letters AND the respective recipient responses, delivering them to you chronologically summarized. 

Find Data Faster

Finding the financial data you need to uncover key insights, perform important analyses, and make strategic business decisions often means hours and days of research pouring through countless documents. 

But with idaciti, you can find all the public financial & non-financial data you need in just a few seconds!

See Deeper Context

To get the most strategic perspective, you need more than just sound financial data. You need the context behind those numbers. 

With idaciti’s textual search and analysis functions, you can discover both the how and why behind those numbers, in seconds. Backed by a database of over five million financial disclosures, idaciti uncovers critical business information so you can perform analyses quickly, instead of wasting time going line-by-line.

See the Data Behind the Data

If you’re relying on facing financials to perform strategic analyses, you’re not getting the full picture. 

With idaciti, you’ll see the data behind the data -- giving you a complete picture that goes way beyond the information in facing financials. Best of all, Drilldowns allows you to focus on the information you care about, and respond to questions or comments without ever leaving this screen. With idaciti’s data visualization, you’ll achieve a better understanding of how data fits together and what it means -- without having to rely on plain old Excel.

Don't just Report Findings. Tell Stories

With Storyboard, you and your company have the power to transform financial datasets into elegant, interactive PowerPoint-like presentations that keep audiences engaged and informed. 

Storyboards enables you to combine visualization elements with the interactive data cards. Storyboard enables you to interact with chart data, and adjust as needed based on audience comments or inquiries. You can also add a narrative and embed links to showcase key trends and insights.

Cross-Reference with Non-financial Data

Even the most comprehensive financial datasets can’t solve every business dilemma. With today’s businesses growing more and more complex every day, the information disclosed in regulatory filings are only one small part of a much larger story.

idaciti knows this, which is why we’ve incorporated non-financial public data from agencies like the Federal Reserve, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, FDA, and others -- and cross-referenced it with fundamental financial data to give you a complete and accurate financial picture.

The Power of Facebook for your Financial Analysis

Compiling valuable financial data in important business cases can be an isolating experience, limiting opportunities for collaboration and feedback. 

With idaciti, you can create and share cards and storyboards with trusted members in your business community. Invite others to post comments, feedback, ideas, and other important business information; or share the content you’ve created with those outside the idaciti platform using a custom link