Find data faster

Find data faster.

Scan hundreds of thousands of disclosures for hundreds of KPIs in seconds, not days. And every data query is visualized in clean, interactive & PowerPoint-ready charts.

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See deeper context

See deeper context.

idaciti's textual analytics scans footnotes, MD&A, earnings releases and other disclosures for key terms (like "litigation settlements", "expansion in China" or "adjusted EBITDA") that tell the WHY & HOW behind the data.


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See the data behind the data

See the data behind the data.

Detailed drilldowns show trends, geographic sources, revenues and profits by products and more. Every report just got a little more detailed.


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Don't just report findings. Tell stories

Don't just report findings. Tell stories.

Now it's easy to include multimedia, word clouds, and narrative descriptions to data findings. Because the best stories have rich, interactive detail.


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Cross-reference with non-financial data

Cross-reference with non-financial data.

Combine financial datasets with non-GAAP & non-financial metrics like adjusted EBITDA, monthly active users, credit card complaints, drug patents and other public data for a complete view of your landscape beyond the facing financials.


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The power of Facebook for your financial analysis

The power of Facebook for your financial analysis.

With idaciti, anyone in your team can build, comment on or add to your storyboard analysis, right from the platform. You'll never have to send out a deck for comments again.


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